Engine Mounting Hole and Propellor Recommendations

Thanks for all the feedback. I wonder if this "tech" could have reset the ECM other wise I dont see how he could have done all that he said he did in in .2Hrs (12 minutes?). Im going to take a breath and decide on reporting all this to Bennington. TBH I had several phone calls with the southeast sales rep during the manufacturing/delivery phase and though he was knowledgeable and did call me back when I left him voicemails etc. he was at wits end with the other thousand customers constantly calling him and asking for status (he told me this).

Regardless got her on the water yesterday! Chugged around at 2K for 1st hour then got her up on "plane" in the 2nd hour per the manual. Has a smooth "happy place" around 4K but didnt go over that. Manual says for the remaining 8hrs of breakin can take her to WOT but not for more than 5 minutes at a time until 10 hrs of run time. She sits a tad stern heavy but levels out around 4K and anxious to get her to WOT today! Will let you know where she tops out speedwise later!!

Edit: Nitro - Maybe he did unplug it or maybe lying or both.
Also - What engine and RPM is yours at WOT?

I have a 21ft"performance package" not the full tri-toon, just about 7/8 of the way back. Trimmed up for speed I'm probably mainly riding on 2 toons. 115 SHO I get about 6050 RPM with a 13.5-14P aluminum Yamaha white prop- top speed with 1/2 tank of fuel by myself was 35.7MPH. With my wife and I on and some beverages with a full tank I'm at about 33.5
My thoughts and advice too. I hope…hope…hope you have another dealership service options than this place. I can also appreciate that often people don’t. IF you do, switch. You’ll feel better not giving these rude and non-customer service focused people more of your hard earned money.

I partically like the idea above of sharing this experience with Bennington. It is a highly sought premium brand. When a dealership treats their Bennington customers this way, it reflects on Bennington. Fair or not, it does. I think Bennington corporate is vested in making sure its dealership network works in a positive manner with their boat owners. Reaching out to Bennington will likely result in Bennington reaching out to this dealership.

Either way, glad you got your boat and can move on. I would have so wanted to tell them to take that boat and shove it up their A_ _ after speaking to that person. Man, oh man would I ever have wanted to do that. I can only imagine being in your shoes.
The dealer we bought our boat from is awful, we knew that going in,they had terrible reviews but had the boat I wanted, I would let a blind one armed monkey service our boat before I took it back to them.