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Just read an article in Lakeland Boating Mag. on the new ethanol 15 which in capital letters says Do Not Use Ethanol 15 in boats, esp. older than 2007. The fiberglass tank is one of the major problems. It also says talk to the eng. and I would think the tank manufacture. Has anyone talked to Yamaha or Bennington on this?
Couldn't help but to chime in on this one, being a veteran mechanic. DO NOT USE ANY ETHANOL if your engine and fuel system was not specifically designed for ethanol. Ethanol is an oxidizer ie CORROSIVE!. IT WILL damage your fuel system. I also feel ethanol has been falsely labeled as 'green', just think of all the diesel fuel the farmer burns to get that corn crop to the ethanol plant that is operated on electricity that came from that coal burning power plant.Ooops! now i've done it!
Please see Dock Talk Forum, "E15 notes from Yamaha", posted by Team Bennington in March.
use stabil ethanol treatment or starbrite if you have to use gas with ethanol in it..