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To my local Floridians..now that we have the new pontoon, I am trying to put together some neat trips to take the family cruising on a weekend.  We have our normal spots in St. Augustine in the intracoastal (which we love) and the St Johns River, but I am looking for something different.

One that my salesperson told me about was putting in on the Silver River and cruise up to Silver Springs.  I was also looking at the Rainbow River, maybe parts on the Suwannee?  I heard the intracoastal near Nassau Sound/Fort George is pretty neat.

Any other ideas or suggestions?  Thanks in advance :)
I have done the Silver River and we have tubed on the Rainbow River.  The Silver River is about 4 miles from start to Silver Springs.  You cannot dock at Silver Springs, so be sure and utilize the bathroom when you put in.  It is totally at idle speed.  I believe at 3.7 marker is where there is a colony of monkeys.
I have never done a boat trip but I have spent a lot of time around the Suwannee in the Branford area, very pretty with lots of springs. The Suwannee and Santa Fe meet there, so lots of possibilities. That would be my pick if I lived closer.

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any ideas for the fort myers area?
used to go there years ago when it didn't cost me $100 in gas, very nice though. I hope when I get my new benny she won't eat too much. (150 Yamaha)
The reservoir we boat on is nothing special.  Matter of fact, its a big mud hole.  You can only see a couple inches into the water.  Certainly nothing to go out of your way to see. 

But there's nothing better than playing hooky and dropping anchor on a weekday afternoon when no one's around and you have the whole lake to yourself!  I'm MORE than content to just sit and watch the horizon.  Its one of my favorite things to do.  I don't need to go anywhere special for that.  But that's just me.  Don't let my approach to boating stop you from exploring new places with your boat.  Just be sure you post the pics!

But now summer is over.  Gonna be a long winter...
Even on a 50 degree cold drizzly day the "mud hole" is still a beautiful sight!!!!!!
That photo looks familiar... 

Is that Bohemia Beach peaking out from behind Scale's Point?
Yup. He added straight out from Bobber's to run the stabil through the system and shake up the tank before loading her up for the season. Wasn't too bad with a stocking hat on yesterday. Glad I did cuz today would have sucked!
Haven't done this this with my pontoon (which isn't here yet) but did do this trip with my searay. Fort myers to the east coast. great trip. goes through lake okachobee and past several locks. can be done in one day but we did it leisurely and made it an over nighter. Actually started from Jacksonville and went south and across to fort myers beach. Loved the trip and will do it again when we get our new 2550GSR
a few pics from our Jacksonville adventure

Looks like an awesome time gabbiano!  Did you go south along the coast or down intercoastal waterways?

Wife and I will be down along the west gulf coast of Fl in a few weeks on vacation and looking for the perfect spot we want to buy a 2nd residence / vacation spot and hopefully move down in the future. Havn't quite figured out where yet but we like the Naples to Ft Meyers / cape corral  area, we are going to spend more time looking north of there this trip and possibly into the pan handle to make sure there isn't a place we would like better.

I would love to have a spot down there fo my toon to explore the waterways of florida and the Cape corral area seems to have the best options for living along the water with a boat dock out your door.
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It was an awesome trip indeed. I am a snowbird and bought a home in fort myers beach about 22 years ago and love the area. My boating is the beach, Sanibel and captiva islands. I can't think of a better place to be. I still haven't got my first pontoon boat. I sold my searay , 1988 27' amberjack and am waiting for my 2550gsr. Delivery should be around thanksgiving. The lower draft should open up a lot of places I could never go with the searay especially the hundreads of islands around matlacha and pine island loaded with big redfish and snook. Prices are finally on the rise again so I wouldn't waste too much time. Any local info I can give you please just ask. Good luck