Front top

Does Bennington offer a top that will shade the front seating area on a 2022 23XSRSS?
Double bimini option adds a front bimini to provide shade to front seating.
Yes ,Bennington does offer a Bow Shade option that is not a Bimini .Check with an Authorized Bennington Dealer for availability .
It consists of 2 poles for the bow and a shade that attaches to your current Bimini .
Here is a pic of one on an R Sport model .

Looks nice, but is crazy expensive. Curious: Does this option attach to normal bimini’s or just cladded arch bimini’s? Also, is it retro-fitable to older model boats and/or across model lines? If you don’t know, no worries. Just curious…not considering.
Yes very expensive. I don't recall what models .I 1st saw it at the Dealer Showcase last August. They had them on a few models including the top deck model .
That price doesn't sound right . If you are interested check with a dealer .If I recall correctly ,I was told about half that .
Did we get clarification on whether this only works with the arch top?

On the build site it is only offered as an option when you pick an arc top model. While I don’t wanna pay a lot, I like this solution a lot better than the others I’ve seen….

Not sure I would cough up $4k, but for half that, I don’t know if I could make my own cheap enough and attractive enough to not bite that bullet…
Check with a dealer, they would have to place the order . Or you can call Bennington (888) 906-2628

Still have it and use it sometimes.