Gas vent on a 22 ss with livewell


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Does anyone know where I would find the gas vent tube on my 2013 Bennington 20 SS with livewell? It appears to be crimped as I can not add gas.
Are you fueling at the pump or from a gas can. If from the pump try holding the nozzle upside down, this works for me.
The problem your having in fueling your boat is caused by a small spring loaded flapper valve located in the bottom of the filler tube on your fuel tank. this valve is meant to prevent fuel vapors from escaping while the fill cap is removed.It is similar to the flapper in the fuel tank of your car, which is depressed easily by the fuel nozzle when you fill up. But on your boat, because it is located about 8" deep in the filler tube, the fuel nozzle can't reach it to push it out of the way. There is just enough resistance to cause fuel to kick back and stop the pump. Take a flashlight and look inside tank filler neck and you"ll see it. It seems to be just another useless EPA device, so I can't really tell you how to fix it but lets just say, mine take fuel just fine now! And PLEASE, FLASHLIGHTS ONLY to look inside.
I had the exact same problem on mine, could not fill at all. not at the gas station on the water or with a can, so the dealer took the plastic assembly out of the tank and cut the bottom 2 inches off and put it back on. (No more flapper) I can look right in the tank, they told me it was new this year and for now they are just cutting the bottom sections off until TB has a fix for this or a new design comes out. Can fill as fast as I want now.
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Thanks Admiral and Deck Hand, both of you have given me some good information. Admiral, can you post pics? I would like to ask my dealer about this.
Sorry, I am new to the forum, the names I used are wrong, I meant:

Thanks clrd and Ricks 0712, both of you have given me some good information. clrd, can you post pics? I would like to ask my dealer about this.