Happy Birthday to ..... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

Sept. 27th
amr7333 58
Happy Birthday Andy
HBD Andy.
Hey. Thanks to all present and future(throughout the day) birthday wishes. Makes a body feel blessed to get them.
Sept. 28th
CharlesH (36)
DavidCorbin (70)
Spar-Toon (55)
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Sorry that I missed your birthday, Carl. Happy belated BD to you!
Sorry I've been slacking on the birthday wishes. Happy Birthday Carl! Hopefully you had a great one!
Sept. 29th
jasonbraswell (40)
Joanne & Walt (68)
I was away for a while -- Happy Birthday Carl!
Oct. 1st
cpl (70)
monte carlo
Stephen Hathaway (62)
Oct. 2nd
Bob/Paige (52)
dscho (58)
Oct. 3rd
Probuyer (55)
Nitrosprink Q25 (44)
Oct. 11th
Teej (32)
Oct. 12th
JDave A (61)