Help needed - want to add another fuel tank


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I'm looking at ways I can increase my range. I have a 2011 2275 FSi with a 250 hp Yamaha. I have the  ESP Performance Package and I love the way the boat handles and flies across the water. Unfortunately, when I ordered the boat I didn't think about fuel consumption (nor did the dealer), and that motor can guzzle gas at an alarming rate - When I'm pulling my kids on their tubes,  I find myself worried about were I can refuel after a couple of hours on the water.

I would like a permanent solution, so I was thinking about putting a tank in the storage area of the middle tube. The problem is this area is "sealed" off with what appears to be an aluminum plate, a long way from where I need (would like) to run the filler hose, vent hose, and fuel line - where the existing topside tank (~25 gal) lives. It looks as though I may be able to drill through the aluminum panel that seals off the storage area, drill a hole through the panel that seals off the tube near where the motor is mounted, and then feed the lines through.

Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?

It seems my only other alternative is portable tanks, and storing them in the privacy enclosure with some sort of venting. I thought of storing 4 5 gal cans in the storage area of the middle tube, but I'm worried about the lack of venting.

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I've hunted around the forums for several hours and have not found a thread that discusses this specific issue. I apologize if one exists and I missed it.

I don't think one exists, at least no where near the length you are looking at going. Trying to permanently mount a tank is a HUGE undertaking in the center toon. Frankly, I don't think it would be a feasible thing to do. We have access panels in the floor because by law you have to be able to access all the fuel fittings. Sorry to say. I mean anything is possible if you have no concern for cost, but most of us do.
The safety issue and EPA regulations should make this project not feasible.   I would not want to store gas cans anywhere on the boat.  Temperature changes can be huge during a day of boating.   One thought would be to mount a 6 gallon tank used for small outboards on the rear deck as a backup supply.  You could swap fuel lines easily.