Lake Texoma Bennington Get together, 2014


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Colleyville, Tx

I would like to propose a Bennington get together this season. Tim Sheward at Little Mineral Marina said he would be able to provide some support. At least we could all get together for a great photo momment to show Team Bennington how we do it in Texas.  July/August non holiday weekend, Maybe early one Sunday am. 

Your thoughts and input appreciated.

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We come to Texoma once or twice a season.  It would be nice to attend.  Don't know if it will fit but, I will keep watch and see if we can.

Good idea.
The date for this get together is Aug 2 @ Little Mineral Marina, Be sure to check out their web page if you need a place to stay.  Early stages of planning has Phil Dill Boats co sponsoring the event. 
As luck would have it for me. I just found out last weekend a friend and his wife(who own a dockuminium at Highport) will be celebrating their 25th anniversary the weekend of 7/26.  He is planning a big bash and wants a lot of the lakerats we hang out with to attend. If I can make Texoma at all, it would have to be for their anniversary.

Would love to be there for two weekends in a row but, don't see that as a possibility. 
We've had our Benny out on Texoma 3 weekends so far this season, and plan on being up there many more!  Marking the date for this get-together on my calendar!   :D
Sounds great, Tim just posted on the Little Mineral Marina Facebook page,  To get to Lit Min? Just follow Preston Road (289)  North through Pottsboro, till you see the turn in on your right.

Phil Dill Boats is co hosting the event, Should be a great time, Hoping for a great turn out, Something tells me there will be.

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