Looking for 2012 2275RCW


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We are looking for a 2012 2275RCW with 90 or 115, elevated helm, and the furniture upgrade that provides the enclosed lounges. Any help locating would be appreciated. We live in Louisville, but will drive to pick it up if we can find the right boat.
Lodders Marine in Cinci has a bunch of them in stock. Lookout Marine in Somerset does as well. Both have websites which will allow you to search their existing inventory.

I personally visited both and decided to do business with Jim Bob at Lookout. Much more friendly and were really willing to work with/for me.

Good luck to you!
Would suggest google for Bennington Dealers and get on phone. Just about positive my dealer has multiple of this in stock but is located in Upstate NY. Let me know if you want to speak with him.
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Ended up ordering a 2275GCW from Denny's in Indianapolis. He said we will have it before Memorial Day, so we will see. Thanks for the recommendations. We called them all and visited the dealers in Somerset, Glasgow, Dickson, TN, and saw a lot of boats but nothing with exactly what we wanted.