Maintaining Bimini Tops and Playpen Covers

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Here are a few helpful tips to help extend the life of your bimini top and playpen cover.


We recommend storing your bimini top in the radar position with the boot zipped completely into place. This helps prevent wind, sun and foul weather damage over time. Remember...your top is comparable to a large market umbrella...keep it buttoned up when not in use!

When the playpen cover is fully installed, Bennington "forces" the proper storage position of your bimini top by not offering forward strut cut-outs in the playpen cover. (An ah-ha moment!)

Use all tent poles under your playpen cover, and tighten them securely. The playpen cover helps keep your boat dry and clean, but it is not 100% moisture proof and it is NOT a winter weather cover. A playpen cover is not designed to support heavy piles of snow and ice, or any other additional weight. Owners in severe winter climates should consider inside storage or shrinkwarp each winter.


Cleaning your bimini top and storage cover regularly will help maintain that "new boat" look. The fabric can be cleaned to prevent soil build-up by simply brushing off any loose dirt and hosing down with fresh water. (Sunny days help it dry more quickly!) For dirt build-up, use a mild detergent (like dish soap) and fresh warm water. Never use solvents to clean the canvas.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is a wonderful product to help protect your clean, dry canvas. We found it at West Marine and


If you are hauling your Bennington, be sure the bimini top is locked in the radar position or trailering-strut position with the boot securely in place.

UPDATE NOTE JUNE 2012 REGARDING HAULING: Bennington does NOT recommend towing with your playpen cover installed. The playpen cover is a "mooring cover" for use when the boat is moored at the dock or stored on the trailer. Although you could easily haul at low speeds/short distances many times and never have an issue, it's the 1 in 100 situation that can catch you. The fabric is durable, but snap-whip from a loosened snap, snap-strain from high speed towing, and various other situations can cause damage to your cover. Use common sense when hauling! Please review your state's boat trailering laws for more information.
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