NAV light wiring connector?


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Noticed the nav light was out on our R23 last night. Traced the wiring back to the problem, missing connector plug thingy. (Photo attached)

Anyone know what these connectors are called? Trying to order some new ones but can’t find the right ones.


I replaced both of mine a few weeks ago. I went to the local hardware store, matched up the size, and bought a couple, along with some heat shrink wrap. There should be enough wire there to cut the old ones off and then re-crimp new ones on. Good as new.
Anyone know how to dis-assemble the Female side of connector from the bimini frame? My F connector feels torn up, and I can't figure how to get that end of it removed. Plus I'll need to search for that side of the connector. Any help appreciated!20231104_134046.jpg
I don't know exactly. But I will say the bracket with the female part of the bullet connector is removable. I removed mine to drill holes through them for pins that keep the Bimini frame arms from popping loose at inopportune times.

If memory serves, you have to remove the screw and spacer that runs horizontally through that bracket. Then you can access the screw at the bottom of the bracket that secures the bracket to the rail.

Once removed, you should be able to access the female bullet connector from the back side.

And those are bullet connectors. Very common. You can even get them at Lowes and HD.