New Boat Does Not Sit Level

South Ky

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Got my new 23SSBXP and noticed it sits very low in the back. The picture below shows it next to the level dock. The back sits low with a 115HP motor on a quarter tank of gas. No objects are in the rear storage areas so I am at a loss on why it looks like it is going down the river sitting still. The second picture is of it being launched the first time and it was obvious then. Any recommendations to make it sit level?View attachment 22922 View attachment 22923
I have a 25RSB with 300 hp on the back with center toon fuel tank and it sit low in the back.


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Just to chime in in case no one has noticed:
The spun aluminum end caps on the pontoons have an easy to find center. When swimming behind my boat at the dock I noticed the water level is exactly through the centerpoint of the endcaps. That is a good reference to monitor as the years go by, on my boat.
I don’t know if that holds true for the entire Benny line, but it may be their target level. Seems logical to me.