Parts for 2005 RL 210 Deck Boat?


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I own a 2005 Bennington RL 210 deck boat.  Due to the age and elements, things need to be replaced (dash, switch panels, and other custom items).  Does anyone know where I can I find these parts? 

It is such a shame that Bennington abandoned their deck boat line back when the economy went bad in 2008 or 2009.  These are beautiful, very well-made boats. 
Your best bet is a Bennington Dealer. Bennington doesn't sell to the public 
The advise from Jack M is sound if we were talking about normal circumstances.  Unfortunately, the fiberglass boats made briefly a decade ago by Bennington are truly "orphans" that have been abandoned by their birth parents and were passed along from foster home to foster home.  There is no dealership support for these wonderful old Bennington/Azure deck boats.
It's really too bad. I loved the Azure boats and had a real case of the hots to buy one. They were great quality, and top of the line when being sold. I actually hold it against Bennington if they did totally abandon them. That does not speak well for thr long term dedication to what we're good customers. A good friend of mine had owned an Azure, and traded for a new "R" model Benni a couple of years back.