Pontoon cleaning

Ray and Anne Porter

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Hello I keep my boat at a local marina in the the water. As you can all guess the pontoons are loaded with green scum at the end of the season. Can some advise me what cleaning products you can use to safely remove the scum. In the past I have used a power washer it works but I would like to do a better job. Thanks
Welcome Ray! I'm in the same situation so I try to keep any build-up at bay throughout the season by wiping my toons down every couple of weeks at the sandbar. That really seems to help and only takes ten minutes or so. A number of folks on this site have them acid washed but speaking from experience, I'd be very careful about doing that. BTW, post some pictures!
Thanks I’m in upstate ny and the lake temperature is a tad bit cool right now so I will definitely take your advice in the future.
Yup, you definitely won't want to be wiping them down in the lake this time of year. Maybe try having someone wipe them down as you power wash.