Pontoon support spacing

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Unfortunately, the boat is still in storage 2 hrs away. I'm trying to get this hoist set up without the boat (as close as possible).

I'm sure my 2575 has 25" tubes. I'll start with the 77" spacing and measure again when I get the boat here.

Thanks again for the info!
for those who need to know...
Can someone here please explain the Tube Support Spacing pdf. drawing above? What is the minimum distance between boat house lift I beams and what is the range of where the boat should sit on the beds between these I beams? This assumes the pontoons are 22'6" and the boat is a 2275 GCW with a Yamaha F115LB motor.

Thank you.
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Depends on the model of pontoon
Is this the same spacing info I need for getting the right trailer? I have a 2020 22SSRX with SPS and extended aft deck and I'm going to buy a trailer so I can do my own in/out and service. Do I need to know this spacing info or do I just tell them the boat model and options to get the right setup?
This doesn't apply to selecting a trailer since the trailer bunks will provide support along the entire length of the pontoons. Just provide the make and model.
I believe it was about 5-6 years ago all crossmembers were changed to 24 inches on center . Previously ,only S models had 24 ,the rest had 16 inch on center
When I set up my hoist for V-bunks, I set the outer bunks at the center of the V at 77" apart. Pontoon slid on great when summer came around.
Thanks, I should have worded better... Looking for dimensions of the center tube of a bowrider. Width, as well as how much lower it sits than the outer tubes.
Here is what I was looking for with Bowrider included


  • Bennington Pontoon Spacing (including Bowrider).pdf
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