Power Assist Install


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Lake Cumberland KY - White Oak Community Dock
I had a used power assist unit installed on the 22' Mercury 150hp last week. We took it out Friday and the difference is amazing. For all the members that have asked about getting power assist or thinking about it for their new build, my advice is it is worth it. We had taken the boat to our mechanic on Lake Cumberland for the install. After putting the boat on the trailer for the trip home, we uncovered the I/O pontoon and took it out to make sure everything was good for the kids coming down the next day. The I/O has true power steering. The power assisted O/B is easier to steer than the I/O.

Side Note: It's about a 250 mile tow from house to Lake Cumberland. I towed the 22' down with the cover on it. My Expedition Max got 8.9 mpg on the way down. I left the cover off because I was lazy for the tow home. I got 7.6 mpg on the tow home. It showed me that the cover makes a large difference in aerodynamics.
Agree on the ease of steering with power assist. Makes it so much more enjoyable.
I was very much surprised it was easier then the I/O steering . BUT IT IS GREAT