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Just wanted to share some prop info, Ive got a 2275 tritoon with 150 four stroke Mercury. The boat came with a 14.75 inch X 15 pitch Enertia prop. With this prop I could only get the motor to turn about 5000 RPMs with a top speed of about 29 mph. Not wanting to spend a lot of money trying different props , I purchased an inexpensive aluminum double cup 15.5"X 13 pitch Solas prop for about $125 delivered. Now the motor turns about 5600 RPMs and the boat runs 34 mph. Two people on board, weekend supplies, full of fuel, Bimini deployed. Very happy, not sure of the need to upgrade to stainless at this point.
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I would have thought with a tritoon and 150hp 36-40 was possible. You can go down a rabbit hole on props so if you're happy no need to spend any more $.

But curious what happened to your old Enertia? You could sell and buy a Talon or Reliance prop with the proceeds and at worst have a good spare - at best, top speed may improve as well as efficiency.