Replacement pontoon cover/bimini/changing room options


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Bought a 2015 Bennington S22SF and it needs a new bimini, cover and fabric for the changing room.

I have read many of the posts recommending a custom "canvas person" do the work but I have also read the advice about telling your "canvas person" what you need your cover to do (ie - is it for covering while hauling, snow cover, sun only cover, etc) which seems like good advice. My need is for sun cover only when it is sitting on a lift in the Florida summer months. If a hurricane comes along, I am thinking that removing the cover makes sense versus buying a cover that is expected to survive a hurricane.

Two questions:
1. There is a big difference in pricing of "generic" covers versus "custom" covers (like about $1600 for the pontoon cover alone), so I am wondering if my application deserves a "custom" solution? Maybe just a custom pontoon cover and then buy a generic bimini and changing room makes sense? Maybe I can use generic for all three applications?

2. In case of an approaching hurricane, do you remove your cover?

Thanks for advice
I’m in Sarasota area and remove all fabric that I can, except motor cover. I also now lay down the Bimini frames and tie them down. Last year an empty frame in the front ended up in the back of boat. Somehow not a scratch. I strap lift to pilings and strap boat to lift. (I see controversy on that plan, so who knows.)
I wouldn't consider a generic mooring cover. I've had one made twice for two previous boats and they came out great. They were actually better than the factory covers.

I had a customer Bimini boot made once and it was so - so. (Different canvas shop than the talented woman that made both my mooring covers.). Didn't fit as tight and look as sharp as the original. I've never had to replace the Bimini fabric but I would try to get it from Bennington first if I did.

A local canvas shop could likely easily replicate the changing room fabric if you have the original for them to work from.
Have the canvas shop custom make everything for you! It'll fit like a glove! They will also get whatever material you choose As far as bad storms are concerned..... we've survived a few over the years. We have always put the Bimini/s down in their boot/s attached in the trailer position and made sure the cover was properly snapped and the poles tight. I never even thought of taking the cover off!