1. C

    Replacement pontoon cover/bimini/changing room options

    Bought a 2015 Bennington S22SF and it needs a new bimini, cover and fabric for the changing room. I have read many of the posts recommending a custom "canvas person" do the work but I have also read the advice about telling your "canvas person" what you need your cover to do (ie - is it for...
  2. R

    Has anyone repaired a Pwr-Arm actuator?

    Hi I'm new here. We we are in our second season of a Bennington in northern Wisconsin and this summer we went under a bridge with the bimini up. The top slammed down and snapped both of the side connectors at the hinge. I wasn't sure if an aluminum weld would have been strong enough so we...
  3. P


    I have a 2020 Bennington 21SLX and want to add an additional Bimini for the front half of the boat. I received a quote of over $1500 for one from Bennington and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an after market Bimini that isn’t so expensive. Thanks!
  4. H

    Uh oh - Dimensions for boat lift - will it fit?

    Hey all - I am about to place an order for a 22LFB with double Bimini. SPS with 25” pontoons. I am also planning to keep it on a lift on my floating dock and I need to make sure the lift will work on my dock. Have not yet had a lift installed but will be getting a water displacement type...
  5. E

    Bimini top

    Any one know how to look up replacements Bimini top for 2012 SLM Bennington 20f. I just need the canvis.
  6. J

    Do bimini tops "quickly" shrink?

    So for two years I have been using my bimini with no issues. Take off the cover, unfold it forward, snap the front legs of the frame in place, good to go. Last time I used it was a month ago and all was normal. Today I did the same as always but when I folded it forward to snap the front legs...
  7. N

    Cracked Bimini Frame

    Hi all, this is my first post and hoping someone can help me. I am an idiot and didn't put the bimini down rushing to park our boat in our covered lift. It is a 2017 SSRCFBXP with an electric bimini. Any ideas of how to fix the support bar temporarily until our new bar comes in? Wait time is...
  8. B

    Mold on inside of bimini cover

    Our tri toon is kept on a freshwater lake, on a lift at a covered dock.  Noticed mold on the inside of the bimini cover today and the cover is in the garage for cleaning in the morning.  Recent weather very humid and rainy.   Need some advice on the best way to clean.  I was thinking Awesome , a...
  9. M

    Bimini frame reinstallation after removing

    I was closing the Bimini for the night as a storm was expected. I made the mistake of unhooking the rear frame struts. I then unhooked the front struts and the entire frame fell forward and came unhooked. The main pivoting strut came unhooked and it locks in place when in the position it dropped...
  10. H

    2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    Our bimini does not seem to fit correctly.  reference the first photo, the second crossmember from the rear (with blue LEDs) pulls down on, rather than supports the canvas.  also, the entire bimini has a very positive angle of attack. It has already failed once (broken frame) at medium speed.  ...
  11. T

    Bimini Pivot Part #009420

    Hi.  The plastic part that connects the bimini top to boat called Bimini Pivot part# 009420 broke on my 2006 Bennington.  Bennington says they don't make it any more (really?)  I've tried a dozen or so dealers picked at random (no way to search their inventory on line) and no one so far has one...
  12. J

    Bimini White Ice LED Lighting

    Does anyone have a picture of different lighting in the Bimini top for their Bennington? Are the "white ice" actually white or are they the blue lights? I'm trying to find a picture of this top with the white ice option to see what it looks like.
  13. D

    Bimini Top gets Stuck

    Recently we purchased a 2011 RCW 2575 in good shape...Stored winters w ~150 hours on it.  Manufacture warranty expired and we did not purchase an extended plan. Problem is I have sporadic issues when closing the hydraulic bemini top.   We never have issues opening the top, just closing. When...
  14. J

    How to close a Bimini

    I just purchased a 2016 Bennington 18SL and am very pleased with it.  We opened the Bimini this weekend and I wasn't paying to close attention.  The Bimini cover does not go completely around to encase the canvas and zip to itself.  I understand there are two places it will need to zip to, the...
  15. Kahlua0517

    Is a double black bimini hot??

    I'm about to purchase a new Benny in black and wanted a matching double black bimini top.  The dealer doesn't suggest a black top as people have complained it's too hot - particularly if you're going to spend most of your time anchored, as we would.  He's suggesting I get the taupe color - I'm...
  16. A

    Second bimini top for 20ft pontoon?

    I have a 20ft pontoon with the bimini top that cover the rear and driver. Can you add a second bimini top for the front? Will the side door interfere with the square tubing attachment? Really wanting some shade for the front.