Snap that gate into position

I’ll take a pic of mine when I uncover it.
Also added these today. Got tired of those carpet covered 2x6 on front that we’re looking bad from the carpet getting torn up and looking ragged. Ordered two 12” bump stops, replaced the 2x6, and added these back. Bimini is faded and nasty, but that’s protection.E2F9C2EA-2236-427C-A08B-224C8AD4A50C.jpeg7AFBA32E-BE23-46F7-9F08-C08B3B9BD5FE.jpeg
All very good options. We need to add one of these to our doors. Kids, not ours, are a little rough on the doors. This would be helpful when anchored in the swimming hole.
I bought these for $3.75 from my Bennington parts department for my bow and port doors. An exact match for my stern door.


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These are the ones Kahuna has. I know the photo looks different but I just stopped by West Marine where they had the above in stock, and this is the same as Kahuna setup.

Just need to know the screw size and type for instal
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Any idea the size screw used on this?
I believe I used a 2 or 2.5 inch screw. Whatever you use, make sure it’s stainless steel.
Did you drill a hole in the floor first or put the screw in without a hole? I’m assuming It requires some type of wood screw. Does that sound right?
Got it all set. Used a 2.5” stainless screw. The door stop itself is tall so a 2.5” would be deep enough I believe to get deep enough into the floor

Easy instal, no need to pre tap the screw, size 10, 2.5” screw. Put 2 stops in
Do you think the stops could be a tripping hazard?
That was a concern I had originally but here were my thoughts

1) These stops are smooth, so anyone stepping on them wont hurt a foot or break the stop
2) I installed them as forward to the door hinge as possible. The closer to the door itself, more out of the way, so its only about 3" back
3) I figured tripping would be most likely when at anchor. When at anchor, the gates will be open, so less of tripping issues. When underway, the doors are closed and nobody should be up walking around to trip on anything .

Long answer long, I dont think the stops will be a tripping hazard. I have a 4 year old and mom would kick my butt if I put anything on the boat that would possibly cause an issue with the kid.