Subwoofer placement

Why not cans instead of sub? Mount on tow bar?
Well, for a few reasons, first, cans aren't just for bass, which a sub is. Second, depending on who you are wanting the music for, on board guests or people being towed. (Remember cans are meant to project music, so don't sound nearly as good 5' away vs 20' away) Third would be wiring cleanly . You would end up with exposed wiring. Unless someone tried to feed it through the tow bar, which means they would have to drill a couple holes into it, reducing the structural integrity of the tow bar, which I suppose is possible to induce a catastrophic failure. Just my quick thoughts, but hey, everyone is the Capitan of their own boat! :)
I spoke with my installer about this issue, his response was, as long as you use a thick piece of plywood on the inside of the helm to run your mounting screws through rattling really isn't an issue.
Recently purchased a 23SLX pontoon with a decent stereo but it needs a little more boom-boom. A subwoofer and more power. The question is, where to put the sub? I’m thinking a down drive in a box made from HDMW and put the box behind the captains chair where there’s lots of space and could be used as a table. Anyone have opinions or experience?

I had JL speakers installed with Amp and sub under the helm. Sounds amazing.
I’m running 2 Wetsounds rev 10 subs in both of the top opening compartments behind the driver and passenger seats.