The 2022 Official College Football Thread

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With less than only 4 months until games begin, it's about time to get this rolling!

Your predictions for your favorite teams?

How did players from your favorite teams fare in the NFL draft?

Any games on your radar as must attend?
My prediction for Michigan is a 9 win season, at best.

Some great NFL drafts from the outgoing class of players and even some UFAs getting some offers.
Your predictions for your favorite teams?

How did players from your favorite teams fare in the NFL draft?

Any games on your radar as must attend?
Badgers 9-3, WIn B1G West, win Big Ten in Indianapolis, Win Rose Bowl (Optimistic, but plausible)
Bison Run the FCS table but suffer a loss to Arizona along the way.

Not a Green Bay fan, but excited to see Christian Watson become a household name. They have a history of killing it with 2nd round receivers.

Would like to got to Iowa City Labor Day weekend to see if the Jacks can upset the Hawkeyes.
Looking over some of the undrafted free agents. I think Washington got a winner in Jequez Ezzard.
Only 4 days of waiting left!!

Some friends are leaving tomorrow for Dublin Ireland to see the Nebraska/Northwestern game!
Eagerly awaiting the start of the season. So excited!!!
I fun trip for your friends. Coincidence with the game happening while already there, or do they live there, or were they there specifically for the game?

Was looking mainly Nebraska for awhile, but a great finish to the first half for NW to go up 17-14. We’ll see how the second half unfolds. Frost’s days may be numbered….

I think that onside kick will be remembered for a long time.

Sorry Huskers fans.

Just wow.
Totally changed momentum, and the Huskers never got it back. Yeah…I think they will too. Ouch!
So, they were speaking highly of your Spartans before the game.
Think they can make some noise in the East?
My wife took this pic today. That's her mom's next door neighbor.
Pretty cool.
They're the Fighting Hawks now, but the diehards refuse to accept it!16470.jpeg
The Bumblin' in Dublin.
Nebraska needs to be defrosted.

On a positive note for all the Husker fans out there, Nebraska is the second best CFB team in the nation (that they're currently in).
For what it’s worth, my barber has attended games in every B10 city and without a doubt, says that the friendliest city and fans are in Lincoln.
I've only been to Evanston, IL, Lincoln, NE and Madison, WI. I agree, Lincoln folks were nicer to me (wearing Badgers gear) than Madison folks were.

Of course it was also due to what was on the back of my Badgers Jersey (Trump 45). Lincoln fans all wanted pictures with me and Badgers fans shunned me! LOL :D

I would (and will) go back to Lincoln in a heartbeat.
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Just read this

"After yesterday's loss, Scott Frost is now 15-30 at Nebraska. Bo Pelini was fired after going 67-27. If Frost wins his next 50 games in a row, he would still have a worse record at Nebraska (65-30) than Bo did."

But you have to admit, 50 in a row would be a nice streak and probably get him in the hall of fame. Just saying…