I visit a friend's house on Tillery every summer, as I did a few weeks ago. It is a lovely lake. I was surprised that there were relatively few Benningtons on Tillery, as there have been no comments here. Odd. My boat is on Lake James, NC, and there are many Benningtons there.

I visited a Bennington dealer not far north of Charlotte. We talked and looked at a boat there and asked for his best price. He did the routine ... walked back to management, supposedly, and came back. His best price had gone up $2,000 to account for tax and such. Very nice guy but offering no explanation for that was ... off-putting. It appeared to be a financially successful, or at least prosperous, dealership. We met the owner and he seemed nice.

Their point was that they could sell the boat for list-price. It was still high season. Don't know that explained the technique. It fell short for us and we bought a boat 45 minutes from there the same day.

It's a great boat and Tillery is a great lake. Long as it doesn't flood as it did a few years ago. Perhaps all lakes do that.


2011 GLi

Lake James, NC