Trash can

Yeah I love having all the storage that these boats have.  We actually have 3 built in spots on our boat for trash cans...all under the hinged seat backs.  I went to Walmart and bought 3 matching pastic 'trash' containers that are the exact color of my boat.  There's one directly to the left of the helm and then two more on the seat back on the bow seats.  We use the two bow ones for cans/bottles and then the one to the left of the helm we use for trash and I line that one with a plastic bag.  Hardly spent anything on the trash cans yet because they match the boat people probably think they're custom made.    ;)
HI Paint Man, We have a 2013 2375 GCW we built a bracket in the storage area under the helm then used a standard 13 gallon kitchen plastic can. It holds the can in place and keeps it out of site works great. Hey we are boating on Table Rock Lake also out of Kimberling City. If you want to meet up for lunch next summer send me a message. We love our Bennie it is our third so you are going to love it,.
Ours is in the port side lounger that is forward fading.  Lift up the backrest and there it is.  Its direclty across from the helm seat.

Its not the rear facing loungers but the single chaise lounge that goes from opposite side fo the helm seat to the port side seat that backs up to the (LH} port side rear facing lounger.

We like ti alot.

I usually put my trash in my dip net, as I don't seem to catch enough fish to frequently need the dip net. :(