Winterizing question


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I live in Colorado. Everything was changed last year when winterizing (fuel filters, oil, gear oil, etc). I have only put 15 hours on the motor this year and it is stored on the trailer. Do I need to change all of that again, or is just fogging the motor and putting in fuel stabilizer enough?
I would do the normal winterizing every year as time does break down products and fluids even when not being used. At least change gear oil and motor oil before cold weather moves in.
I agree on the gear oil. It is possible you have developed a seal leak since the last service and have some water in the lower unit that you don't know about. You absolutely don't want that to freeze.

With only 15 hours, I'd probably skip everything else (except fogging and stabilizer).
I would change both engine and lower unit oil. It's pretty cheap especially if something happened to the engine or lower unit. You would always wonder if changing the fluids would have prevented it.

I have been told by several reliable heavy equipment mechanics that oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty. They still advise yearly oil changes regardless of the hours.