Wood deck care and cleaning.


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What products is everyone using to clean and care for the rear wood decking boards by the motor / tow pylon? Ours are starting to fade.
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Welcome BB! Are you able to specifically identify the flooring product? Perhaps you have some literature that came with your boat that describes how to care for it. If not, maybe try some 303 Protectant, but of course, try an inconspicuous area first to see if it makes it slippery.
Welcome to the forum Boatbum! You most likely have a vinyl floor made to look like wood planks. There are so many products out there that will clean your floor! As far as the fading am I correct in assuming that the floor outside of the gate is NOT covered by the mooring cover??? If that's the case the sun is making it fade and it will continue to do so unless you cover it somehow! I may be wrong but I don't know of a product that will provide the UV protection that will make it look like the floor inside the gate that is covered.