Your 2021 College Football Thread

I just logged on to see if anyone else was watching tonight?
I'm pulling for NJ. Hoping Darius Shepard gets some throw at him.
I fell asleep during the MSU game.
Hard not to when it’s a glorified practice. They were short on serviceable linemen, so a non-traditional spring game.
It's gonna be hard to become emotionally invested in this. Once it warms up, I can't see spending this much time inside.
Jeff, I'm watching MSU spring game. I see you guys picked up Jalen Berger. He should do good for you.
Boy you got it bad Bill! Football on the brain! I'm into baseball big time! Went to a Nationals/Braves game in Atlanta already and will be going to DC for a couple games. Also while in DC the last week of April we hope to go to a Capitals hockey game. Football is the last sport on my mind. Ha!