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  1. NomadCS
    2018 22SFX; SPS; Champagne; Smokey Granite canvas; 150 Yamaha Expect delivery 9/29
  2. Robert Theisen
    Robert Theisen
    Retired Snap-On tool Dealer from 1987 to 2014
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  3. Greg Panik
    Greg Panik
    Owner of Sedona L21 - Dewey Beach DE
  4. Yianni
    Yianni 1trotter
    Hi Scott,
    What color white is your boat?
    Is it the metallic white or champagne?

    Thanks Scott, hope you're doing well.

  5. LBJBBear
    Male 70. Lake LBJ KingslandTX
  6. Leaf Guy
    Leaf Guy
    2016 22SLX 115 E TEC Evinrude
  7. Spoiledrotten
    Spoiledrotten Bamaman
    Would you take a few pics of your motor setup on your boat? You stated that you are getting 40 MPH with yours set up like it is. Mine is in the second hole from the top, but I'm getting 37 on a good day. It's at a normal top speed of about 36. Trying to squeeze all that I can out of it. BTW, mine has the express tube, too.
  8. jim 205
    jim 205 Bennington Web Team
    where can I get wiring diagram for a 1999 bennington pontoon
  9. KC24
    KC24 bcpnick
    Very Amazing, We are going to fly out and check it out, Its officially on the bucket list. Thanks
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    2. bcpnick
      You won't regret it. Let me know if I can help at all with figuring things out. I've spent a lot of time out there but with 2,000 miles of shoreline, it can be a bit daunting the first time.
      Sep 8, 2017
  10. KC24
    KC24 bcpnick
    Hi bcpnick, What lake are your pics from. Thanks
    1. bcpnick
      Almost all of them are from Lake Powell in southern Utah. It's a pretty amazing place!
      Sep 8, 2017
  11. s9bailey
    Intermittent trouble starting my '09 GL.  Acts like the throttle isn't in neutral and won't click, or turnover, nothing.  Battery is fully charged, I make sure it's in neutral and doesn't happen all of the time.  After a few minutes of back/forth on throttle and playing with key switch it will turn on.  Any ideas b4 I take to the shop?
  12. Nauset
    Anodes, for salt water service, Zinc or Aluminum ? for anode replacement. What does Bennington use ? 
  13. Nauset
    place saltwater anodes
  14. Bunnster
    Bunnster BigKahuna
    I do have a hook and I use it to pull up the ladder and have used it to grab the cleat....my wife.....
  15. Gabbiano
    Gabbiano SEMPERFI8387
    hi semperfi. remember me with the dress blues 2016 gbr250? well I'm ready for a new boat. whats the best way to approach the upgrade? do I sell my sweetheart with less than 100 hours and thousands I spent adding to her already loaded comfort or trade it in? how do I find out her worth. the boat is absolutely mint. the 150 Yamaha is more than adequate power and since her birth I added a second bimini. any advice would be greatly appreciated.  
    1. SEMPERFI8387
      Sorry, just saw this. Check NADA for values and possibly Craigslist. I traded, lost some potential profit but it was worth it not dealing with tire kickers for however long it would have taken to sell. As for your upgrades, depending what they are, you can probably figure a loss on those, unless the buyer really expected them. If it's possible to remove and reuse, that's what I would do. 
      Aug 18, 2017
  16. BobP1965
    BobP1965 Mark649
    Hurry Back To Bennington!
  17. Graybeard
    looking for 2017 electrical schematic for 22 RCW, are any available?
  18. BobP1965
    BobP1965 Link
    I hope we are getting Mark L. back! Weather has finally broke I hope your using the heck out of your Benny!
    1. Link
      Hopefully he will buy a Q with a 350 on the back.  As for me I have only been on the boat once due to a family medical condition.  
      Jul 21, 2017
    2. BobP1965
      So sorry to hear that. The weather has started off so bad this season. I have not boated much myself. I hope your family is all well soon.
      Jul 21, 2017
  19. Half mine
    Half mine cwag911
    Hi, I am wondering about your power steering install. I have purchased a unit and am ready to install but i have noticed in the instructions it says all hoses should be longer than 6 ft. In the picture you posted it appears your are 3-4 ft. in length. I am wondering if that is the case and if so have you had any issues??
    1. cwag911
      The hoses under the helm are 3 ft and I've had no issues.
      Jul 19, 2017
    2. Half mine
      Half mine
      Ok thanks. Seems to be a strange requirement but i figured you would be a good person to ask. Thank you for the quick response and all the help you've been without even knowing it. This is a great forum
      Jul 19, 2017
    3. cwag911
      You're more than welcome.
      Jul 19, 2017
  20. goldnrod24
    goldnrod24 vivjohn248