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Sep 7, 2017
Jan 8, 2011
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Sep 7, 2017
    1. guardrail22
      What happened to the member map?
    2. mecheng1
      How do I post in a forum? I see no place to do that.
      I have had problems logging in ,got frustrated and tried using different e mail and password.Can you combine LIVE WIRE with CURRENT AFFAIR(my first choice)I did post a question for the forum under LIVE WIRE.Please let me know how to clear this up.
    4. Nan
      We just purchased a used 2008 RLI Bennington. We have water seeping thru the plywood and carpet in a couple of areas. (See attached). We have been told that it could be the rivets and weve been told no wood should be showing. Apparently the bottom of the boat looks different in several places. Help!! Nan & Brian
    5. jim 205
      jim 205
      where can I get wiring diagram for a 1999 bennington pontoon
    6. ontarioguy
      Sorry, I posted multiple times on the main forum, there was no indication on my screen that the post had been received on your end. Please delete the extra duplicates for this post:

      Extended platform needed on 22 SSLX?
    7. Houston
      I have had a problem with my fuel gauge on my 2014 Bennington Model 22SFX serial # ETW96655K314 pontoon boat since I bought it NEW.  It only reads 3/4 full when I totally fill it up.  The dealer, Apopka Marine in Inverness, Fl, said that this is a problem with all Bennington boats. Mike at the Apopka Marine dealership told me that it could not be fixed and when I questioned him about this defect he said most Bennington boats had that problem and nothing could be done.  When I told him it must be a factory defect, he told me to leave his dealership and NEVER COME BACK!  I need to know if MIKE at Apopka Marine in Inverness, FL, is right and that I should never go back to his dealership and any Bennington Dealership to report this problem with the fuel gauge.  I thought Bennington had a 7 year warranty on their boats and I am now finding out that their warranty is no good for a simply defect on the fuel gauge.  If this is Bennington's warranty I need to let all potential buyers to never buy a Bennington Boat because of the crappy dealerships who control their warranty.

      Houston Pitts 

      1780 Crown Point Woods Circle

      Ocoee, Fl 34761


    8. Bennington26622
      Sony system/ radio just stopped and will not turn on! All other functions ok! Checked fuse by perko and all connections but no luck! Suggestions! 

      The boat is new and have notice we get moisture under the small screen and wonder if this shorts out! 
      1. smith772
        Same thing happened to me this weekend. Wires that connect to the radio got pulled by stuff stored under the console and actually pulled the power and speaker plug out of its connector. Plug it back into its connector and I was back in business. Might not be your problem but worth checking. 
        Jun 3, 2016
    9. cwag911
      OK, 2 questions. Why can't I post in the "technical stuff", and why can't I use the block manager?
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      2. Sue Penick
        Sue Penick
        I sent an email to rusty. perhaps he can help

        I am not familiar with block manager...checking on that
        Mar 28, 2016
      3. Sue Penick
        Sue Penick
        the reply box is at the bottom - scroll all the way down
        Mar 28, 2016
      4. cwag911
        Sue, I know the reply box is at the end of the posts and It is in all the other sections except I don't have it in the Technical Stuff section. The box manager is the little arrow at the left of the screen.
        Mar 28, 2016
    10. Fred
      Will some one ask Susan Buff where the pic's for Fred new Q Series Cruiser are posted.
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