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New Profile Posts

  1. PlaneFun
    I bought a 22 SSRXP and am a happy man!
  2. Bork
    Buying my first Benny
  3. PlaneFun
    In the spec stage - Oh, what fun!
  4. PlaneFun
    New to Bennington - exciting to learn from the veteran owners who are very knowledgeable of their boats. Located in Central Ohio.
  5. Captain Hook
    Captain Hook
    I want to replace my Captain's Chair Pedestal with one that allows a height adjustment; anyone with experienceand suggestions? suggestions?
  6. FAAbaddog
    2013 20SL, 70HP Yamaha
  7. entremanure
    Can't float all the time...
  8. LHC30
    Aby Normal
  9. jasonW
    jasonW Remediation
  10. jasonW
    jasonW Remediation
    hello, yes I would like the build sheet, the other response doesent seem right 30 mph and 3.7 gph? wow! what does your boat draft?8, 10,12"?
  11. Parker
    Living the dream in central Florida. Just bought my first Bennington an SFX 18. Looking forward to many years of fun in the sun!
  12. Candlewood
    2014 2575 QCW 300 hp
  13. JRPGBP
    1st pontoon boat. 2017 22SSRFBXP Regatta Blue. Love it.
  14. razrback
    2010 24’ SLi tritoon w/150 Yamaha
  15. razrback
    2010 24’ SLi
  16. Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson
    Loving every minute of it
  17. Deano
    New boat
  18. Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson
    2018 23G SRFB - 250 HP VMAX SHO, black w/ firecracker accent exterior and napa beige w/ carbon diamante accent interior, ESP
  19. Dunn
    What is Winterization?
  20. Nan
    Nan Bennington Web Team
    We just purchased a used 2008 RLI Bennington. We have water seeping thru the plywood and carpet in a couple of areas. (See attached). We have been told that it could be the rivets and weve been told no wood should be showing. Apparently the bottom of the boat looks different in several places. Help!! Nan & Brian