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  1. mecheng1
    mecheng1 Bennington Web Team
    How do I post in a forum? I see no place to do that.
  2. 1trotter
    Waiting on summer.
  3. Bob & Sandi
    Bob & Sandi
    Boat on order awaiting additional options
  4. Ruffmixer
    Ruffmixer RodEarl74
    Hi Mr. RodEarl74, "I took mine out for additional storage since we'll never use it! Wanna buy it? " Speaking of the 25QSB Changing Station. Do you still have it and if so, do you still want to sell it a n d if you do want to sell it ... what would you want for it ?
    1. RodEarl74
      We no longer have it! Dealer installed it in another boat that didn't have one. They gave me some free parts and accessories as compensation...
      Jan 25, 2019
    2. Ruffmixer
      Darn, oh well. Thanks for the reply anyway. Happy boating and hopefully a sooner than later summer. Take care and talk soon.

      Jan 26, 2019
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  5. Mike D
    Mike D
    Port Charlotte, FL
  6. 1trotter
    Cool. See you on the lake this spring.
  7. Robert6401
    Robert6401 1trotter
    Hey Neighbor, glad to see another local on here!
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    2. 1trotter
      Where are you located?
      Jan 15, 2019
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    3. Robert6401
      Gilbert, but not on the lake. We have some property a few miles closer to town on Schofield Rd.
      Jan 16, 2019
  8. 1trotter
    1trotter Mike D
    I have a pylon.
  9. Kinger
    Went to the Atlanta Boat show today and considering buying and building my first Bennington
  10. Charles white
    Charles white
    2018 27qcwio 350 volvo
  11. Keith P
    Keith P
    Our new 25QXFBWA just arrived at Burt Lake Marina. Smokey granite with black cladded arch(hydraulic). 350HP Mercury Verado. Spring please.
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  12. M Jay Farr
    M Jay Farr
    Checking in from SML
  13. jmddkd
    How do I completely remove the front bimini from a 2018 slingback tritoon?
  14. SEMPERFI8387
    SEMPERFI8387 BillyE
    It’s “usually” caused by a kink or low spot in the hose. Have your dealer check your hoses and make sure it doesn’t have a “p” trap in it. Sometimes you can change the angle of the pump and that works. Also they may have supplied a long narrow funnel to use.
  15. BillyE
    Could someone please tell me what would cause gas to spit out while fueling my boat ,
  16. John L
    John L
    I am looking for a 2014 24SLX wiring schematic. My port and starboard navigation lights are not operating.
  17. Angela & Michael
    Angela & Michael
    Waiting for Spring!
  18. Ian Sinclair
  19. Ddaawg
    22GCW Black with Firecracker Blackedout
  20. jcbecker28
    jcbecker28 Captain Hook
    Did you ever figure this out? We just bought a 21 slx and I want the captain's chair higher. Thanks.