Great...now I see where I CAN do the stern lounge upgrade with the tower...
what do you mean?
On the 2013 GCW 2375 I upgraded to the stern lounge upgrade but wanted the tower. They told me the tower was not available in the configuration, or model. Had they showed me an R with that configuration, I likely would have went that direction.
Ahh, gotcha Rockie! Thanks OC! I still have to scroll past all your pics I saved on my tablet, I still slow down to look at your boat! Haha
Beautiful boat!!!!!!!!!! When you sell this one, let me know :) I'm on my second Bennington in two years but I'm willing to wait to buy yours. Awesome boat!
Yikes, way to many lines and bars in that canopy design. Maybe with frabric on it would look better. Way to busy naked.
I love it just the way it is!! Nothing wrong running a little naked on the boat from time to time!! Hehe
Nothing wrong at all running a little naked!!! I wish the tower boats gave you a little more flexabilty in doing that. Sometimes the captain needs to get a little Vit. D as well!!

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