Inside Front

Inside Front

Check the bottom of that removable seat for protruding staples that could damage the floor. Beautiful color combo!
I will do that when we pick it up!  Thanks for the heads up!!  And yeah, we love how the colors look both in and out.  :D
Just curious. With that removable seat, unless you enter and exit by the side gate, wouldn't that get in the way quite often? I'd feel like I was back living at home with my mother always wanting to rearrange furniture. I got the chills just thinking about it. :D  
LOL yeah we thought about that.  We mostly enter and leave from the side gate, but if we need to get to the front often we thought we can always just keep it at home or it fits nicely right behind the captains chair for an extra seat.  We'll know more after we use it this season if we will keep it on the boat or not.  Just depends.
We keep ours at the Port Side gate ,Wife uses for an ottoman 
I thought we would do that also, but quickly saw on Tuesday when we saw it, that the port gate is smaller in size and won't fit there, I was hoping it would.  So the only choices we will have is leave it at the front or behind the captains chair or leave it at home.  I think it will stay on the boat somewhere, have to see.
It would depend on your floor plan 

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2275 GS Arrived At The Dealers!!
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