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    More Stereo Questions

    I have a fastback style boat, so I have two speakers on the back of the boat facing rearward and no rear seat speakers. They are great while swimming, but not much sound in the rear seat area while going down the lake. I'd like to add two speakers in the rear seat bases. Can I just find the...
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    Gas tank capacity

    I love my 52 gal tank. This spring I filled up with 49 gal of fuel at $1.69 a gallon (on the water) !! :)
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    Carrying extra fuel?

    Personalty I wouldn't do it, but if I was going to do it I would never use a regular 5 gal gas can. I would get a couple 5 gal VP Racing cans like this; The cans are taller so they have a smaller foot print, high quality and...
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    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    Our "C" shaped clips (curved top) face rearward, so they would tighten with wind and speed, not pop out.
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    Advice, Shopping for a Benny 22 or 23

    ESP is a heavier hull, with a new 200hp we get 41 mph with two people.
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    Trailer bunk guide

    I have it re-welded and then beefed up with extra angle iron. If you buy a new one I bet you sooner or later bend it too. That being said, maybe it's better that it did bend, rather than put a dent in the boat??
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    Captains Seat Adjustment Lever

    Wow, the same thing broke on my seat this week. I figured it wasn't worth it to mess with the dealer. I just made one out of an old aluminum bracket I had. Works great.
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    Lake of the Ozarks.....

    Its been very busy in town and on the water this year. You can just sense people are ready to get out and get back to normal.
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    Tritoon Trailer which brand? Cost?

    You need to be able to adjust the center bunks for width. I've seen people just lower the center bunks since the wide center toon won't dit down into the vee, but then it just sits on the top edjes of the bunks, so it's best to be able to adjust the bunks wider to fit and support the wider...
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    Engine suggestions in a hurry

    You didn't say what hull you ordered, but 175hp will work okay for what you want, but add more people and you will loose speed quick. I've never heard of anyone wishing they had gone for a smaller engine. The cheapest and easist time to add HP is when you buy the boat.
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    Snap that gate into position

    Where did you get those?
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    Wave damage to front panel

    Being on LOTO I worry about this all the time. I've had four different pontoons and over the years have had a lot of waves come over the front of the boat. Our Bennington has the ESP hull which really helps, but even it's no match for the LOTO washing machine. During the rough water holiday...
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    Trailering with the cover on?

    I left mine on by mistake after picking the boat up from the dealer. I drove 30 miles at a max of 50 mph and an average of say 35 mph and it came out with no rips or tears. But it now fits looser and I have to raise the poles higher to get it tight when I cover it up. I worry I put a lot of...
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    Benny R23 and a Question About Trailer Bunks

    I don't agree with the dealer at all, raise the center bunk up to help support the entire hull.