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    Offshore Pontoon

    Saw this on the Ocean down in Cabo.....thought he was pretty ballsy
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Yeah, there’s no way NDSU can make the transition with the current facilities and enrollment. It would take a massive influx of students and cash.
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    Cost effective Stereo upgrade solution

    I had easy access to the bottom of the boat (underskin was removed for Sea Leg install) and wanted to guarantee full power to the head unit and sub (have the 10” RF) so I ran the dedicated wiring. Good to know it works off the factory wire as well.
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    Cost effective Stereo upgrade solution

    I ran both + and - back to the deep cycle. Inline fuse on the +
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    Here's a couple more pics

    That looks amazing!
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    Sony Stereo Radio With Mega Bass Feature-Sounds Incredible!

    I believe I ran 12 gauge back to the deep cycle. Don’t remember specifically how I wired it but can shut it off with the ACC switch and still preserve the head unit memory so I didn’t have to redo Bluetooth settings, etc. every time.
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    Sony Stereo Radio With Mega Bass Feature-Sounds Incredible!

    I ran dedicated power to mine.
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    2017 R Series with a Q Bow...

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    2017 R Series with a Q Bow...

    Looks like it says Q27 on the side. Think the dealer misstated model number.
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    Tri-Toon Trailer Guides

    I cut off a set of short Veve guides and put covers on them. I mounted them immediately in front of the trailer axle. (The vertical lines in the side view pic). They are tall enough to limit the movement but not so tall I can’t float over them.
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    A seed has been planted

    Picked my boat up at the dealer (serviced & wrapped) on Saturday and they had this QX in the showroom. First time I've ever seen one in person...Holy Crap what a beautiful boat! However, my wife does not have the new boat itch....not that I could afford this one.
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    Pontoon guards

    They have a brushed aluminum wrap that I looked at doing so I could be lazy and not worry about polishing the toons. Haven't pulled the trigger yet....
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    2011 24SLI access to console wiring

    I’ve done quite a bit of wiring on our boat over the last couple of years and have found it easiest to work in the console. Also highly recommend you get your hands on the schematic for your boat. Very helpful in understanding how the boat was originally wired.
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    Winter Storage

    Just picked mine up today, $498 for service, winterization, and shrink wrap. I drop off and pick up. Store it on my mother-in-law’s farmstead. She’s got about 3 acres of lawn.....
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    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    This one is a 2017 MXZ X 850 Etec which will be paired with my old sled which is a 2012 MXZ X 600 Etec. Love the Doo’s!! Agreed on the 900 ACE turbo but they are crazy spendy right now. It’s what my buddy calls “tweener” season where it’s too cold to boat and too warm to sled. I’m excited to...