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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    And - when I mounted the sub and batter charger in that location - I used 1/2” rubber grommets underneath them to rise them off the floor (in case any water got in there). I had some extra heater hose and cut 1/2” pieces to use as grommets.
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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    Airmousam - here is where I installed the sub.
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    there is a lift hook under the cowling.
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    Prop conundrum - 22SSRX Yamaha 150

    my motor is in the same spot - same prop. I have no problem pulling a wakeboarder out of the water.
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    Prop conundrum - 22SSRX Yamaha 150

    Yes - the 14.5x15 runs the boat right around 6000rpm at WOT at at around 38-40mph depending on load. It's a stainless 3-blade prop.
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    How To Use Battery 1 and 2 - Conflicting Info - Please help!

    Just add a charging relay to your system. I have two batteries and a single “on / off” switch. One battery is connected to my engine, the other connected to the house fuse panel. They are completely separated. When the charging relay senses a charge (from the alternator), it closes the...
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    Looking for SUP brackets / holder

    We’re looking for a way to carry our SUP Boards on our Bennington. What are folks doing? I know an inflatable SUP is an option - but we have two rigid SUP boards and aren’t really looking to change that. I was looking at the SurfStow SUPRAX - Anyone had any luck with these...
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    SPS turning questions

    You need to adjust your torque/trim tab on the outboard to fix the issue of hard steering. Loosen the bolt and turn the tab to the right a bit. It's a trial and error process - and you'll want to find the spot where steering is the same under normal conditions (speed). You won't get it solved...
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    Prop conundrum - 22SSRX Yamaha 150

    My dealer is going to swap props for me. Bough the boat new - and they're trying different props to try to get it dialed in. So - they're taking the 14.5x14 back when they install the new prop. It finally came in from Yamaha - so I hope to get it swapped later this week. Thanks- D
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    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    You can raise the hitch with one of these: Figure out how much rise you need and get the proper drop hitch. It’ll make the trailer ride level - have the weight better distributed on the axels. Trailer rails should...
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    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    You need to make sure the trailer is properly balanced now. Should have around 10% of the total weight at the hitch. Also - your hitch is too low. The trailer rails should be level. You can see, at the fenders, that there’s more weight and pressure on the front tires. It take it loaded...
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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    Depends on the sub and amp. The amp and sub Marc R put in retails at $599 and $250. Add wires and a couple hours of labor and I’ll bet you’re north of $1200
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    Kicker KMC10, speakers, amp, sub questions . . .

    so - still trying to figure out what to do with my stereo. Boat came with the Kicker KMC10 and stock speakers. I just picked up 4 Kicker 45KM654 6.5s to replace the stock Benny speakers. I also already picked up and installed a Kicker Hideaway 8” Powered sub -...
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    Tilting the engine at the end of the day?

    When on the lift - is the engine out of the water? Most folks tilt their engine out of the water to limit corrosion - particularly in marinas where there may be stray current around. Have a read here:
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    Prop selection for Q25 w/300 Verado

    Could be. Power tilt/trim are the same thing . . . same button, same motor. The tilt/trim gauge doesn't necessarily read the limits of available trim. If I get to the "top" of the gauge in my boat - the prop is on its way out of the water. When you trim an outboard - you should trim it up...