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    Glass benningtons

    No, no luck. Currently use a harness on the transom attachment points. Not ideal, but the grandchild we tow on a tube, a torpedo and are currently teaching how to water ski is only 8 so no big weight (yet). Still looking......but the Bennington 2004 glass rl210 is running and looking great...
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    Bennington 2004 Rl211 Original prop specs

    You are support. These Bennington glass boats are orphans. Worth noting however is that after azure, south wind seems to now have the hull molds. Mine is a 2004 rl210 super sport. There are a few of us who own these glass Bennington on here.
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    RL210 Flush Mount Hatch Pull Replacement Search

    Dog is the issue the “discoloration” of the pulls? I too have an rl210, although mine is an 04. I don’t believe you will find any Bennington parts for your 210 unfortunately. Maybe a boat breakers could help, but let’s face it our glass boats are getting old. I’d love to find a 210 or 225...
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    Steering Wheel

    Or you could always find one on eBay. Search Bennington in eBay motors. There are usually a few listed if you don’t mind doing a little polishing etc. Lakeside
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    The Best Flashlight Set Up 4 your boat.

    Now that is slick! Your brother should go into business. Lakeside glassbenny
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    Glass benningtons

    Hey, timbers..... When you get a chance as you’re cleaning up the 210, I would be interested in how your boat is propped, as in size and pitch. I don’t think I am running an appropriate ss prop at the moment, although it is the one that came on the motor when I picked the boat up. ( rl210...
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    Glass benningtons

    Timbers Yes, I have the owners packet- came in a green Bennington vinyl pouch. The information is not particularly useful, but I suppose better than nothing. Questions- did yours have the ski tow bar? I’m looking for one. Did yours have the Bennington cooler? Went under the seat to the rear...
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    Dock safety on Tims Ford

    Tim’s Ford is in southern middle Tennessee. It’s a lake....
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    Glass benningtons

    i wonder.....been lurking here for many months. I don’t see a proper place for Benningtons decade old fiberglass boats but maybe some on here have one and we could get the conversation going. Mine is a 2004 rl210 with a Honda 150. Went to sw Wisconsin ( from middle Tennessee) to get it preowned...