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    USB device will not play through radio

    My 2012 radio did not have Bluetooth capability. First thing I would try is a new cable to connect the phone to the port
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    Is a Double Bimini Possible on a 2013 22 SLX

    Try going to a local canvas shop and see if he can accommodate you
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    If this is rack storage they mostly want to know you are under 9’ tall and you are. You can get measurements from the build site however that doesn’t include the way rack storage may measure. My 2275 RL measures 26’ 8” from tip of toon to motor propeller
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    22 GSR with Yam. 115 Top Speed Check

    Agree with Goldenrod, my R with a Yamaha 115 and two toons does about 26wot
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    Cockpit Cover

    I bought a truck bed cover at Home Depot and use it to keep the dew off my helm on nights I don’t cover the boat. Had elastic bands on it to keep it in place. Not the prettiest but actually works pretty good
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    Replace in dash fish finder

    Back in 2012 when I boiught my boat it has the fish finder from the factory. My dealer was able to replace and flush mount a 5” chart plotter
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    Smarte Jack lift wheels

    Interesting and see how they might work in theory but would also want someone that used them opinion
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    Changing the layout of the boat.

    Are you looking to put in the bench seats that have a lounger built in or more like a captains chair with reclining back. Anything can be done as long as you are wiling to pay the price and depending on what you want this might turn into a pretty expensive project and might even include...
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    Box Anchor and power winch.

    After trying a few different types of anchors I love the box anchor. The box anchor when stored is flat. To use you open it up (make the box) and you have a crossbar that holds the box open and solid. I suppose you could leave it in the open box configuration but would be nervous having that...
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    If you are dead set on it any local canvas shop is your best bet. I suggest the full mooring cover.
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    best ideas for LED lighting on the interior

    A friend at the lake looked at my bimini lights and then bought and installed his own inside of the frame. Couldn't tell it wasn't done at the factory. Of course he is good at that kind of stuff; I would have just duck tapped them to the bimini frame
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    Canopy connectors

    Your dealer should be able to get one for you
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    23 GSB with 90hp Yamaha

    Posted this a while back, First use the mooring cover rather than individual seat covers. Don't look at covering your boat as a chore. When KP and I return to the dock she heads on up to the house and I cover the boat alone. The music is still on and I am either enjoying my beer or pop a...
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    batteries in Sundeck storage not able to use space

    I looked into this once, my marina guy said he could relocate the battery but I ended up with a full bedside commode and it straddled the battery so didn't need to
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    2015 S Series Electrical Schematics

    Not sure about how Bennington does it but on my old boat I believe that the engine hour gauge was tied into the spark plug wire