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    Wrapped my pontoons!

    How is the wrap holding up after a full season of use?
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    So I bought me second Bennington, This one has the Yamaho SHO, it is so loud we cannot talk when underway.

    My Verado 350 is super quiet. Surprised that the Yamaha is much louder.
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    Check in with your cruising speed, RPM, FF and range.

    We like to cruise around 4000 RPM which is about 30MPH! Running the enertia 14.5 x 17p prop. Not sure of the fuel economy but I know its under 2MPG! Somewhere around 15GPH I believe
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    Thats just the big name we need to return the program to dominance!
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    Your 2019 College Football Thread

    The University of Southern California! We wont be that good yet again! Our coach just isn't that good!
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    Removable Bow gate you use it?

    We have a bow gate seat in our boat. Keep it on the port side. Rarely does anyone sit there. WE mostly use it to put our cooler on it
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    Speed with loaded down boat

    2018 Q25 with a Verado 350. 10 adults plus all our gear. Bimini's up runs about 40 at WOT 6100 RPM
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    Center toon fuel tank capacity

    My 2018 QSB has a 52 gallon tank...
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    Advice on model choices

    2.5-3' of water is about as shallow as you want to boat in. Some spots where I boat get pretty shallow (2-3') and as long as I trim it up I havent had many issues. One prop ding is all my ESP package has suffered in shallow water
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    Lighted cup holders

    All my cup holders light up except the 3 in the armrests of the bow lounger and co captains lounger!
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    Anyone have trouble with the USB port on the dash

    Mine hasn't rusted but the connecting cable has jiggled loose 2 times.
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    Stainless Steel Swingback Keeper Rail

    I saw that one on RDP. The sighting officer seems like he was being a jerk! Either way it wont stop me from letting people ride back there. My wife has never done water patrol out of Needles but her sister in law has many times. They wont site you for sitting back there unless your hanging...
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    Installed powered sub today

    One year in and I've had no issues. I had mine installed directly to the kicker head unit for power and sound as opposed to tapping into a rear speaker wire. Wonder if that is causing some of the issues?