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    R23 ski pylon

    No, there are no problems. The rope is several inches above the engine cowl. Works perfectly.
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    Those of you using shackles, I would highly advise using a zip tie on it to prevent the "screw" from coming loose. Either that, or religiously check it for tightness each and every time you use it.
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    Advice Buying a tube for a new boat

    I use a cheap Coleman inflator, and it works great. The key is to not plug it into a 12V receptacle, but rather, use the clips and attach it directly to the battery terminals. Works very fast to inflate our 'Mable. Another hint: Go ahead and get a manual bicycle-type pump to use as a back-up...
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    Trailer Tires

    Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires have always served me well, never a flat tire. I got load range D for my 25' R model Benny. Plus, they are rated for 85 miles per hour, not 65 like most. Surprisingly, Amazon had the best price....but Discount Tire will match it and order them for you.
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    Trailered Height

    My 25' R series is on a Roadrunner bunk trailer with 13" wheels, and I'll need a 10' door when I build my garage for it. From the ground to the top of the bimini in "trailering/radar mode" it is a bit over 9' tall.
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    Fenders and Thoughts

    You can “diaper up” and put a life vest on upside down instead of using saddle floats if you don’t want to drop the coin for them. Also no need to take up extra storage with them.
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    Yamaha ECU Remapping

    Slight thread drift.... I have a Yamaha 2 stroke, 150HP, 6 cylinder V-Max, with carburators. Is there an easy way to increase the horsepower on my engine as we are discussing here?
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    Bennington wing emblem

    Of you get the college logo......:rolleyes:
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    Damaged Tritoon log

    If it is still structurally sound, I would be inclined to just leave it. It's just part of boating. You spend a bunch of money getting it fixed, and then it can happen again. I've got scrapes and gouges on mine, it's just a fact of life when you beach it as much as I do. I've got a few dents...
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    Help with Garmin lake navigation

    Go to to download the manual.
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    Need Bimini Top

    I believe Tumacs is the name of the company that has supplied bimini tops for the Bennington factory. They advertise that they have an extensive library of patterns for the biminis as well as the mooring covers. Correct me if I'm wrong......
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    Post for securing ski, tow ropes

    Twist and pull up, if it is the retractable ski pylon. Might be stuck if you haven't used it. If that's the case, Kroil will loosen it.
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    R23 ski pylon

    I've got the pylon on my R25. It is the "fixed type", that is, it does not retract down. No problem pulling large tubes with 3 or 4 people on it, including adults. Haven't tried pulling two smaller tubes, but my guess is that it'd be no problem.
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    Replacement Dash Panel

    You might want to get a piece of brushed stainless steel or aluminum cut and place over it. Any sheet metal shop could do it on the cheap. You could even do a vinyl wrap on it to make it look how you want...such as carbon fiber/wood grain/etc. Screw holes can be punched in it and you could...
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    Vinyl OEM?

    Hard to say, but it's probably going to be Spradling. I wold take a cushion to a place that does boat interiors/vinyl repairs and match it up with their samples. They will probably have many manufacturers that you can compare it to. Very good chance that it has faded somewhat with age, and even...