1. Dahbull

    Power Cladded Arch

    Hello, in April 2018 we ordered a QSRFB with a cladded arch. We wanted the arch to be powered but that was not an option at the time of order. We are to receive the boat this week and we’re told that the boat was built as a 2019 model year. That’s great if true. My question is this, I was...
  2. tlcaud

    25 Q, the arch

    Can the arch be lowered like a bimini goes to radar position?  Two reasons I ask this .  I have a 12ftx12ft door and the bimini has to be in radar position to clear the door.  Branches , on the way to the ramp just miss my bimini by 1 foot. I can trim the branches , can't change the door
  3. C

    Custom welded arch and hard top coming soon...

    This is exciting. I'm having an arch designed to replace my rear bimini and am adding a fiberglass top. If everything works, the plan is to have my full enclosure all connect to it. It'll be a little while while he's building it but it's going to resemble this, yet with a white hard top...