boat lift

  1. J

    Bennington Pontoon Strength

    My new Bennington 22SLX has been delivered and is on my boat lift. My pier Shop...who maintains and installs my piers and lift each year is very respected on my lake and has I would guess maybe 1000 customers {thus lot of experience}, has indicated that although Bennington builds a good boat...
  2. J

    Do you cover your boat if you are using it daily for several days

    I keep my new 22 ft Bennington on a boat lift with canvas lift roof..about 10 ft wide and 24 ft long. So when my boat is on lift it is under the lift cover. I crank the lift all the way up and it gets pontoons out of the water, and the top of railing...and seat tops are about 12 inches from the...
  3. LakeOconeeGuy

    Location Of Gas Tank On My Bennington RCW 2575

    I'm looking to have a boat lift installed and the guy providing the quote today asked me about the location of the gas tank on my Bennington...  I have a 2012 model 2575 RCW I/O with the 60 gallon capacity gas tank.   Given that it's an I/O I'm assuming most of the weight is on the back of the...
  4. image


    Float Air front mount 6000 lb lift
  5. T

    boat lift recommendation

    Greetings all - my apologies if this is already covered. I am shopping for a boat lift for a 2011 2574 Gli in the Pickwick lake area.   (it is an exceptional boat by an exceptional company) I do require that any lift will run on 12VDC.  Electricity and water do not play well together. Does...