1. Mike Bartell

    Suggestions on front corner protection

    What do you use for front corner bumpers to help avoid dinging/damaging the front corners when docking? I'm looking for something I can attach to the front corners just below the docking light enclosure. Thanks for any ideas (pics would be great too)! I saw that Taylor Made makes a corner bumper...
  2. D

    Bumper Hangers

    Hey team! I'm the proud owner of a new 22SRX/150 Yamaha SHO. So far I'm really happy (outside of the lack of a "glove box", and some fit & finish issues). I'm new to boating... I'm looking for a really trick way to hang bumpers on the side of my pretty new boat. While the square aluminum...
  3. Kells

    Suredock system - Ropeless Docking (solution for bumper burn)

    There was a post a few weeks back about getting the right bumpers for your boat and dock, and I commented about my bumpers starting to burn the sharkhide on my pontoons after I spent countless hours polishing them  I posed a couple pics there...  Burning my sharkhide just 24hrs after dropping my...