electric bimini

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    Speed limit with electric bimini open

    I'm looking at a new 2018 Bennington and I'm wondering if there's any guidance on maximum speeds allowed with the electric bimini top open? I'm getting a 300 hp motor and the dealer says it can run full throttle with the bimini open, with no danger of damaging the bimini. I'm just wondering...
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    Electric Bemini Top

    Anyone have an electric bemini top? Have you liked it and is it worth the money? Any issues or troubles? Anyone have pictures of it?
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    Electric Bimini reinforcement. C

    I'm curious to know if anyone has reinforced there electric Bimini.?  Seems it'd be easy enough.  I haven't received my new boat yet however I ordered the electric Bimini as I have to cross under a low bridge regularly and it was a bit of a pain with my old Bennington's Bimini. I was on the...