1. Dahbull

    Power Cladded Arch

    Hello, in April 2018 we ordered a QSRFB with a cladded arch. We wanted the arch to be powered but that was not an option at the time of order. We are to receive the boat this week and we’re told that the boat was built as a 2019 model year. That’s great if true. My question is this, I was...
  2. M Jay Farr

    Yamaha v. Mercury 175 4 Stroke - Advice

    All, In the process of buying our first boat. Looking at a 2018 22SSRXP. What is your experience with Yamaha v. Mercury? From what I can gather Mercury might be the best choice, but looking for guidance/suggestions? Not using for water sports, but still, like a boat that can get up and go...
  3. K

    Newbie: toons, power, performance choices..

    First time tooners ordering a retirement Benny for ourselves. Cruising on large lake relatively sheltered with large islands. Tubing and some skiing with adult kids and grandkids. Replacing a 22 ft fiberglas I/O with 5.7L Merc. Deciding between twin elliptical freshwater with 150hp Yamaha...
  4. A

    25 QSRFBA Power Options

    Hello! I am in the process of trading my 254 Chaparral for a 25 QSRFBA. It comes with the Triple Tube ESP and power hydraulic assist steering. The primary use is for 5 people on Lake Murray - occasional tubing and cruising. My question is, power and what size Yamaha engine. It is currently...
  5. J

    Power UP

    I am wanting to know will power up solve problem.  I have 2006 2275 RL with 90 hp Honda.  I top out around 20 MPH.  I am wanting to pull tube and wake board.  Will a 135 max listed help if so how much in the real world.  Sorry no pic to post
  6. C

    2275 RCW ESP w Yamaha 150 23 MPH Top Speed

    Bought a Bennington 2275 RCW ESP last year, and had it serviced last Fall at the end of the season.  I have the Yamaha 150 HP Model F150XA on the boat.   There were five (5) adults on the boat yesterday, and I could not push it over 23-24 MPH.   Anybody have a 250 HP Engine they want to give...
  7. ?

    Is 115 HP Enough Power For Tubing?

    I have a couple of questions related to towing a tube that I hope you experts can answer for me. I just bought a 2013 24SSRX with twin-ellipticals and a 115 HP Yamaha 4-stroke (first time boater with all of 4 hours experience). I just ordered a 3-person chariot-style towable tube, the...