1. texas_jarod

    1999 22' with a 100hp Yamaha - Speed?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I just bought a 99' Bennington 2275 with a 2001 yamaha 4-stroke 100hp motor. It's such an odd size motor, but I'm running 23mph with 2 people, bimini top up, and a light load. It's only running 4800-5100 RPM. Do I have room to run higher RPM with a faster...
  2. E

    New owner questions

    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been beat to death, and may be in the wrong forum, so set me straight if I'm doing something wrong. This is my first post here. So this is my first toon, a Bennington 22SFX with a yammie f150. My wife and I both have grown up on the water, and I have been on pontoons...
  3. Nielsen's

    Upgrade or not?

    So I have a 2075GL with a Yamaha F75 4 stroke.   I have the opertunity to purchase a Yamaha 115 Hp 4 stroke of the same year.   I would go larger but the boat nameplate states max. motor of 115 hp.  Will the extra 40 hp make a significant difference in speed and turning power?  My boys have been...
  4. J

    Power UP

    I am wanting to know will power up solve problem.  I have 2006 2275 RL with 90 hp Honda.  I top out around 20 MPH.  I am wanting to pull tube and wake board.  Will a 135 max listed help if so how much in the real world.  Sorry no pic to post
  5. Prattlake

    Slalom Skiing behind 2016 21SLX 150Yamaha V-Max

    I just wanted to to help anyone who is leaning toward a 150hp as apposed to the 115hp.  Our Bennington is a 21SLX with the SPS TriToon package.  I opted for the 150 Yamaha V-Max SHO.  I slalom skied for the first time this weekend.  I am 5' 9" and 180lbs.  It popped me right up.  We had 3 adults...
  6. C

    2275 RCW ESP w Yamaha 150 23 MPH Top Speed

    Bought a Bennington 2275 RCW ESP last year, and had it serviced last Fall at the end of the season.  I have the Yamaha 150 HP Model F150XA on the boat.   There were five (5) adults on the boat yesterday, and I could not push it over 23-24 MPH.   Anybody have a 250 HP Engine they want to give...
  7. B

    Best Engine to get for 2014 QCW I/O

    We are ordering a 2014 2575 QCW I/O with sport tower today!   Our last decision is whether to order the 377 Mag w/320 hp or the 430 HP 8.2L.?   We want to pull skiers and wake boarders as well as cruise.  We will have 5-10 people on board quite often.  Does anyone have any experience with the...
  8. C

    Slow Speed - 20MPH, 4750RPM Yamaha 150

    I have a 2013 2275 RCW with Yamaha 150 and stainless steel prop. Most of the summer, I have been running around top speed of 32 MPH with around 5500 RPM. This past weekend, I had a little more weight on the boat, with a couple of heavier people. But I maxed out at 20 mph with a max RPM of...
  9. J

    2550rcl with Yamaha 350

    I had a chance to drive the 2550rcl with the Yamaha 350 4-stroke motor. This motor is amazingly quiet and he power is awesome. A full throttle start puts you back in the seat. The boat is on plane instantly and quickly gets to 50 mph. This setup is awesome. You need to get your hands on one of...