1. E

    New owner questions

    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been beat to death, and may be in the wrong forum, so set me straight if I'm doing something wrong. This is my first post here. So this is my first toon, a Bennington 22SFX with a yammie f150. My wife and I both have grown up on the water, and I have been on pontoons...
  2. Iowa_Scott

    Difference Between Lifting Strake part numbers

    What's the difference between Lifting Strakes part#  900289 and lift strakes part#  903056.  Both are for 2 toons. I assume one is for the outside and one is for the inside of the toon but, no pictures or description to verify this.
  3. Dan S

    Lifting strakes on 21SLX

    I have a 21 SLX, 2 tube, under sheeting, with strakes, cable steering, and a 115 HP Yamaha on order. I've read some very negative things on this forum and elsewhere about strakes on the outside of the toons. Things like it steers too flat, won't lean at all in a turn, too hard to steer, and of...