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2018 21 SSX - 42" Pylon Needed

Discussion in 'Owners Chat: Options and Upgrades' started by Mike D, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Mike D

    Mike D Member

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    Not sure if I have the right thread for this, but I am in need of a pylon for my boat to tow my grand kids. looking to buy a used one (or new) but cant find anyone selling them. Dealer is asking a zillion dollars and that ain't gonna happen. Anyone have one to sell they dont use/want? ill send a cup holder to cover up the hole in the fishing station :) seriously, I really need one, but cant find one......I have the welded brace on the bottom, the hole in the fishing station, and just need the pylon......
  2. Jack M

    Jack M Moderator

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    Petoskey Michigan

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