25RSBWA, a Fishing boat, outboard trolling, and battle stations o my!


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My wife has talked me out of the S and L line, and R series fishing platforms. I honestly don't use livewells, any fish i want to keep immediately go into cooler. Most time on the water is spent tubing/skiing/wake boarding.

Anyone out there with this model? I saw a rod holder was available, any idea where they would put it. What do you love/hate and what size/model? I

I'm still trying to figure out if Verado above 300hp has troll mode, or if i need to stick with the 4 stroke, any mercurcy experts here?

Anyways, I mostly troll for stripers and bass fish ocassionally, and hit the white bass runs. Trying to stay in the 2.5-3mph with outboad trolling w/o drift socks.

I was thinking about adding two battle stations to the rear, https://www.tackledirect.com/todd-20-3030-battle-station.html
they can easily be removed when my wife wants to take friends out. I believe they make quick disconnects, trying to figure out what that means if it's plate it screens onto that's mounted on the deck. they turn and lock into place. So trolling two rods is more enough as each have 9 lures each, I troll 1lb umbrella rigs, size 80 reels, I don't mind reeling it it, but for the grandparents and kids i'm thinking the battlestations will keep them from falling out the boat with the leaning post.

Also going to use Lakeliving's post "trolling motor added" to add 36v 112 ulterra up front.

Thoughts? comments? concerns?
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You can never have enough rod holders!


If you got one of the tubular arches / wake towers you could run planer boards too.

And you didn't ask but I'll offer my F250 can idle really slow as in 1-2 mph. If you are getting the heavier R model I don't think you'll have any issues. But just go test ride some boats to get confirmation.


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I use my livewell as a bait well and love having it.