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6YC Fuel Calibration

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by pnicojr, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. pnicojr

    pnicojr New Member

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    Thurmond Lake South Carolina
    Does anyone know if Bennington uses the ABYC compatible fuel sender in the R series with the ESP package? I have the 6YC Info center which should be able to be calibrated to show "fuel remaining". Dealer said this was only possible if the boat had a Yamaha fuel sender. Has anyone had any experience with this combination and is it able to be calibrated to show fuel remaining with the factory sender??
  2. Alicedream

    Alicedream Well-Known Member

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    Warsaw, MO
    I have the 6YC and I have tried everything to get the fuel remaining. Even set-up NMEA with my Simrad GO5 and can't get fuelremaining on either. My guess with as many things as i tried is they don't have the ABYC compatible fuel sender. You can see belo my boat specs. I was really disappointed that I could get this with price of both the 6YC and Simrad.

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